The Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players

The best pool cues for advanced players are those that have a high-quality tip of about 13 mm. This provides maximum control over the ball, ensuring an accurate hit every time. They also have a linen wrap for a smooth performance. The materials used in making these cues are also of a high-quality, making them difficult to break and rarely need to be changed. This type of pool cue is a great choice for both beginners and advanced players.

Viper Revolution Spider Cue

If you’re an advanced pool player and you’re looking for a new cue, the Viper Revolution Spider may be the right choice for you. This cue comes with a modern webbed design, and is made from high-quality maple wood with a steel-jointed shaft. This cue has great balance, and it is made to withstand a variety of shots.

Another great feature of the Viper Revolution Spider Cue is its lightweight design. This cue weighs 21 ounces and is made from hard Canadian maple wood. It’s easy to hold and has an average finishing.

Predator Z-3 low-deflection shaft

The Predator Z-3 low-deffraction pool cue shaft for advanced players is a great choice for advanced players who want a shaft that has less deflection and provides better balance and action. The shaft features a lightweight ferrule and a new front end construction that provides better surface contact and stability. It also features a Victory tip that reduces mushrooming and improves overall performance.

The Predator Z-3 low-deflation pool cue shaft for advanced players is the perfect solution for players who are interested in achieving higher scores and improving their game. The shaft is made from an alloy material that is more flexible than steel and has an extra thick front end for improved performance.

The shaft is available in a choice of three different sizes and is available in a low-deflection version for beginners and an advanced model with a 3-143 shaft.

Viking Valhalla 200 Series Pool Cue shaft

The Viking Valhalla 200 Series Pool Cue is an excellent option for the advanced player looking for a high-end shaft. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is made of premium quality Maple hardwood. It also features a nickel ring for added performance.

The Valhalla is available in three different weights. The heavy weight may deflect a shot too much and may result in a lower butt. The lighter weight may deflect less and is better for skill shots. While the Valhalla is a good choice for advanced players, it may not be the best choice for beginners.

Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue

For the advanced player, Lucasi has created a new hybrid pool cue that incorporates the latest technology and high-quality craftsmanship. These innovative cues provide enhanced ball control, less vibration, and increased comfort. They also feature the revolutionary Cue Butt Technology. Its four-piece butt construction and G5 Grip Technology ensure stability and traction.

The Lucasi LHC98 Hybrid pool cue has a four-piece butt to minimize vibration and maximize ball control. The cue also boasts a shock-absorbing memory foam wrapped around the shaft for better stability. In addition, the cue also features a ten-layer Kamui Pro Soft Tip.